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A Bit of History…

…behind this bit of history

After 50 years of photographing some of the 20th Century’s more interesting and inspiring musicians, actors, writers and others, my image catalogue is vast.
In 2002 I started using digital cameras and closed my darkroom for ever. From 1977 until then I had amassed over 300,000 images on film. Very few ever saw the light of day, those few mainly in the form of 8″x10″ glossy prints, and 12″x16 exhibition prints.
Thus, the collection is in two parts:
1977 – 2002: More than 300,000 negatives awaiting scanning and digital archiving.
2002 – present day: Approximately 200,000 digital images

After a serious flood threatened the whole collection The Marnie Archive was set up to protect and preserve this important historic collection.

The Flood:
February 2021 came the thaw… 30,000 litres of water flooded the office basement, Losses due to the flood amounted to over £26,000. The office was not insured against this.
The leak was due to a badly connected replacement meter.
The water company refused to accept responsibility, or investigate the claim.

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I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who has supported the Archive so far, but this is just the beginning of a massive undertaking. Funding applications have been unsuccessful so far, but updated reapplications are currently being submitted.
More news as it happens.
Thank you all!

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